Schoeps, Neuman/Gefell, Beyer, EV, Audio Technica Tube
Microphones - Millennia Media & Sytek Preamps - RME &
Lucid Converters - PSP & Waves Mastering software.
For Info or Scheduling Call;     541- 603 - 6149
            or Email -
Hourly Rates
$50 - Per Hour

$175 for a four hour
block of studio time
Band Photo Shoot  $120
in studio, on location, or at shows.
 Productions   Anthony Proveaux
Anthony Proveaux - Experienced engineer & producer w/ major label & film credits
541 603 6149
~   Studio Recording & Mastering -  Video & Photo Shoots    ~
Mastering Suite
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World class microphones equipment
for a classic and vintage sound!
Video Demo Special!
5 (for a solo musician)
$150 for duos & trios

With High Quality Sound!
(C) 2015 Pro Arts
-  Video Demo Special! -
With Studio Quality Sound  
$75 (for a solo musician)

$100 for duos & trios
$150 for Bands
Pro Arts News & Projects
The Hanson Family's recent CD,
"Rope that Rhythm" has charted
well & has helped them win the
coveted AWA Will Rogers Award
for Duo/Group of the Year.
Sweet Soul, the band
produced by Pro-Arts in the
Make-A-Band showcase,
won the prestigious ENCORE
Award. Congrats to them!
Pro-Arts had to pleasure to Produce and Record CDs
recently for Walker T Ryan and Tara Jones.... Really fine
works by two great Artists!! Both are available at CD Baby
Affordable Rates
in Eugene
Since 1985
Studio Specials
Anthony Proveaux
Analog Recording
Acoustic Piano
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